Beaver Scouts – World Scout Environment Badge

The World Scout Environmental Badge allows Beaver Scouts to explore the natural world with the Fox Lodge to achieve their Bree, Ruarc, and Conn Badges. Completing the Badge is intended to last for the duration of an average programme cycle; for Beaver Scouts this could mean 7 meetings and 2 day activities.
Each of the Fox Lodge will help us explore the areas of the Badge:

  • Moon helps us look at clean water and clean air (eg exploring a local river, lake, or beach).
  • Casper helps us explore natural habitats (eg a nature walk).
  • Zena helps us know about the importance of recycling (harmful substances).
  • Spike tells us about Leave No Trace (environmental practices)
  • Fionn helps us look at natural disasters (eg emergency services).
  • Star helps us organise an environmental project: (Environmental Special Interest Badge) with a planning meeting, a day long project, and a review & celebration meeting.

Sections 1 to 5 are the exploration and reflect stage, and should involve 5 meetings and a day activity which explores the themes in a practical, age-appropriate manner.