Scouts – World Scout Environment Badge

In their patrols, Scouts can use the World Scout Environmental Badge to make progress in their Crean Awards by exploring the natural world, learning how to contribute to the environment, and making a difference locally. Completing the Badge is intended to last for the duration of an average programme cycle; for Scouts this should be about 8 meetings and 2 weekend activities.
The Badge should be completed in your patrol with everyone contributing to the activities:

  • Patrol explores clean water and clean air (eg examining a local river, lake, or beach)
  • Patrol explores a natural habitat (eg examining a habitat, such as a forest, marshland, or an upland area)
  • Patrol learns about the proper disposal of waste and recycling practices (environmental harmful substances)
  • Patrol implements Leave No Trace (positive environmental practices)
  • Patrol learns about natural disasters (eg survival exercise)
  • Patrols organise a local environmental project (Environmental Special Interest) with 2 planning meetings, a weekend long project, and a review & celebration meeting.

Sections 1 to 5 are the exploration and reflect stage, and should involve 5 meetings and a weekend activity which explores the themes in a practical way.