Explore, Experience, Discover


The Better World Programme is about young people taking action in their communities towards achieving the UN Sustainability Goals.


This can be undertaken via a number of areas - Service to others, service to the environment, community issues and concerns via small, medium and large scale projects and actions.


The UN Sustainable Goals focus on 17 goals under 5 key pillars - People, Planet, Prosperity,Peace, Partnership.


The first step is to explore, experience and discover the needs of your community, the environment and local nature habitats. This is to enable young people to experience their local community and environment and inspire them to create an action that meets a particular need.


Once an action is discovered, it is time to plan your action/project, undertake the project, review it and report and log your success here on this website. We have provided here some resources to help you - please explore these before you take your first steps.


There are also many opportunities to gain recognition for your actions - explore the badge opportunities here.

The Better World Framework’s primary purpose is to enable young people to become active citizens by undertaking  development  actions in the community. As a result of these actions, local communities develop into more resilient societies through the young people’s activation.


By aligning community development projects with young people’s needs, the purpose of Scouting, and the 17 SDGs, you strengthen the relevance of Scouting as a partner to tackle local issues, offering young people meaningful possibilities to transform their communities.


As part of its commitment to achieving the SDGs. The effort leverages Scouting and the Better World Framework to raise awareness among young people (Scouts and non-Scouts) and inspire them to take action for the SDGs in their local communities.

54 million Scouts making the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the SDGs

Read more about the global action initiative at the Scouts for SDGs website