The Messengers of Peace Award

What is it? The Messengers of Peace Award was established to inspire youths of all nationalities to take an active role in the preservation, propagation and perpetuation of world peace. Any Scout project that brings a positive change in a community – its health, environment, social circumstances, safety or addresses conflict – is a Messengers of Peace project. Since 2012, Scouts across the world have been sharing their community service initiatives online on To date, more than 620,000,000 service hours have been registered in over 40,000 community service initiatives.

Who can apply? The badge may be awarded to any Scout whose voluntary involvement in a community service project has exceeded 10 hours. This may be a local or international community. Once again, it is required that groups follow the SDGs as a project guide, and make use of the ‘explore, reflect, local action’ method throughout the project.

Time Commitment: minimum 10 hours service project

Participation in the Award follows a simple structure:

 1. Plan – explore stage

Complete a few activities to explore various social issues in your community, local problems, people in action who you can look up to  and good practice examples of projects you can take inspiration from.

2. Discover – action stage
Identify your motivation and talents. Choose a field of action. Select useful knowledge, skills and ideas to apply. Plan your actions, execute, monitor, evaluate and report.

3. Discovered – reflect stage

Reflection and evaluating your work is an essential component of active citizenship. The review should:

  • showcase how Scouts have acquired a new capacity to serve the community by gaining valuable knowledge, attitudes, motivations, skills, values
  • demonstrate the long-term sustainability and monitoring of the project over the coming months and years to follow
  • highlight how you shared you project and raised awareness about the social issue in the wider community in and outside of scouts

Summary of how to earn your Messenger of Peace Award:

  1. A section, small team or an individual registers for the Award.
  2. Plan: Learn about a local social issue and decide on the ways in which you can help
  3. Do: Complete a community project with minimum of 10 hours contributed
  4. Review: Evaluate your project and each scout reviews their role and submit an application for the Messengers of Peace Award.
  5. Celebrate your achievement and share your results!