The World Environment Badge
The World Environment Badge endeavours to connect young people and the natural world through meaningful action projects. The projects should be carried out in small teams following WOSM’s age-appropriate time commitments. Examples of successful projects include a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ project where waste was collected and used as craft materials to create works of art and furniture, while another project included tree planting and raising awareness of pollution among young people in the Scouts’ local community.
The Messengers of Peace Award
The Messengers of Peace Award aims to promote world peace through the positive activities of young people. Any Scout who has voluntarily invested more than 10 hours in a community service project is eligible for the award. This can be anything from running a ‘legal awareness camp’ for the disadvantaged in your local community, to coordinating a book donation for a school in need.
The Scouts of the World Award
The Scouts of the World Award involves a voluntary service project in one of three key areas – development, peace, or the environment. The award is open to both Venture and Rover Scouts, or those between the ages of 15 – 26. Once again, the project may take place locally or internationally. For example, an Australian Rover troop travelled to East Timor, where they found that a local school was in need of a sanitation block. With the help of the local Rover troop, they helped to construct the amenity. Their support of the community continues today with their involvement in the ‘Dollars for Dili’ campaign.