Venture Scouts – Scouts of the World Award

The Scouts of the World Award is a larger social project which can act as the main focus of the Scouting year. Venture Scouts can achieve the Award and make progress in in their Fiontar Awards by participating in, preparing for, organising, and completing this project over several months.
Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, Spiritual: Organise a large community project.

  • Register with Scouting Ireland
  • Maintain personal logs and crew records
  • Discovery: Learn about a social issue (at least 21 hours)
  • Do the community project (80 hours)
  • Review your project and commit to maintenance
  • Submit logs and report
  • Receive the Award

Venture Scouts – World Scout Environment Badge

The World Scout Environmental Badge is an opportunity for Venture Scout Crews to carry out adventures and projects to help them in their Fiontar Awards. Completing the Badge is intended to last for the duration of an average programme cycle; for Venture Scouts this should be about 9 meetings and 2 weekend activities.
Each of the sections of the Badge can be linked to the six areas of the SPICES, for example:

  • Emotional: Explore systems of clean water and clean air (eg examining a river, lake, or beach)
  • Spiritual: Explore a natural habitat (eg examining a habitat, such as a forest, marshland, or an upland area).
  • Physical: Learn about environmentally harmful substances (waste disposal and recycling practices)
  • Character: Commit to following environmentally positive practices (Leave No Trace, personal responsibilities etc)
  • Social: Learn about natural disasters and their effects (look at recent natural disasters, NGO responses, and responses to local incidents).
  • Intellectual: Organise an environmental project: (Environmental Special Interest Badge) with three planning/preparation meetings, a weekend long project, and a review & celebration meeting.

Sections 1 to 5 are the exploration and reflect stage, and should involve 5 meetings and a weekend activity which explores the themes in a practical way.

Venture Scouts – Messengers of Peace

Messengers of Peace is an excellent way for Venture Scouts to develop in the Social and Character areas by engaging in practical projects that address local social needs.
Social and Character: Organise a community project.

  • Plan: Learn about a social issue (several meetings) and plan ways in which you can help (several meetings)
  • Do: Activity Crews undertake a community project (two weekends)
  • Review: Evaluate your project and commit to maintenance (meeting, on-going)