• How do I complete the Scouting From Home programme?
    Complete 8 activity sheets in total: 2 sheets from People, Prosperity and Planet. 1 sheet from Peace and Partnerships.
  • Do I get a badge after?
    Yes. You can earn the one of Sustainable Scouting from Home ’21 badge
  • Can this programme go towards any other badges?
    Yes. You can work towards your special interest badges, Chief Scout Award and any of the Better World awards too.
  • Where do I log my project after completing it?
    You can log your project here
  • How long do the activity sheets take to complete?
    Anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. You can spend more or less time on them depending on your interest level or ability.
  • Does the programme look at all of the Sustainable Development Goals?
    Yes. This programme covers all the goals. To leave no on behind in our sustainable scouting journey, it is important we look at each of the goals together.
  • Is the programme open to all sections?
    Yes. You can adapt any of the pages for your own section group.
  • Do you offer support for the programme?
    Yes. Please fill out the form here to log details of the support you need.
  • Do you have more resources available?
    We will work on updating Better World and Scouting 360 regularly to offer more resources.
  • Can these activities be run online and offline?  
    Yes. You can create a Whatsapp group with the activity sheet downloaded for the group to work on. Check in online but complete the sheets offline to save a screen time! Jamboard is great for collaborative online work, see our blog post here.