What ‘Better World’?

Better World is a space for Scouts to share community projects that have made a difference. This website supports youth members with the project forms and resources they need to start creating their own Better World community projects. Any Scout Group is welcome to showcase their Better World projects on this platform, where they can access resources and ideas to kickstart their initiatives. Together, we can make a difference and build a better world for all.


Better World Badge

When youth members complete and report on their Better World projects, they will be awarded a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) pin. The SDG pin represents their contribution to make the world a better place.

Skills Summary

Ventures and Rovers can use Skills Summary to summarize their scouting skills into a CV to showcase the skills they developed and learned. Click here to find out more. Ventures and Rovers who successfully complete a Better World project and log their skills on Skill Summary will be awarded an additional set of 4 pins representing four key area of development: Ethics & Integrity, Teamwork, Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking.


Better WorldRequirements

To qualify for the award, Scouts need to:


Collaborate with their Adult Scouter to select activities and a community project that engages with their broader community beyond scouting.


Fill out a project application outlining their project idea and choose at least 2 project themes from the options of People, Planet, or Peace.


Utilize available resources to guide them through the 'PLAN, DO, REVIEW' process.


Compile a project report detailing their project's impact and discuss their experience with their Adult Scouter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scouting is a global youth movement with a goal to make the world a better place.

No matter what age or section you are, you can be part of creating your own Better World project. If you are working towards any Progressive Schemes or Learning Objectives, you can use these as steppingstones towards completing a community project for people, peace, or the planet.

The purpose of this page is to explain what better world is, what makes a better world project and how you can get involved (i.e. what you have to do to achieve the award).

By reflecting on your Scout Promise & Law you can step out into your community and find out what needs to be done or who you could collaborate with to make improvements for people, peaceor the planet.

When you apply your scouting skills you can contribute positive change in your community and beyond.

You can start your Better World project whenever you want and however it fits into your programme plan.

By adopting the Plan, Do and Review Strategy through the Better World Initiative, a youth-centered approach is promoted, emphasizing the active involvement of young people in the decision-making process. Together, we strive to create an inclusive environment that fosters positive change and facilitates the realization of our shared vision for a Better World.

All teams are encouraged to present their projects to the Programme Services Department to explore avenues for support through resources, facilitators (train the trainer), webinars and workshops.

The Better World platform serves as a space to inspire change and nurture the development of Global Citizens. The values of Scouting, embodied in its Promise and Law, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals, are central to the active engagement of youth members in leading and participating in initiatives that empower them to take ownership of their environments and contribute to positive change from inception to completion. This involves selecting projects, creating pathways for transformation through critical thinking and creativity and actively engaging in solutions to address issues. By doing so, youth members earn active citizens’ status and become advocates for those who may not have the same opportunities to act.

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