Youth VoicesWhat does scouting mean to you?

Youth members in Scouting Ireland and from international youth organisations participated in surveys and focus groups as part of an international project called MIYO: Measuring Impact of Youth Organisations. This was led by the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement (WOSM). They shared their experiences and stories of how scouting has impacted on them and their lives. Scouting Ireland values the voices of young people as this ensures our programme is consistently youth-led.


“This environment is really nice because you feel soothed. I'm a very anxious and stressed person. And when I'm in the Scouts, I disconnect from my bubble, my role, and I'm really me, ‘natural’. I eat with my hands, I can get down in the mud, I'm really in the real world. I'm not always trying to look good, to dress well, etc. I can really open up to the world and that's when you see my true personality, that's when I like myself more than outside Scouting.”

Scouting Ireland supports yourinvolvement

Scouting Ireland will continue to provide youth members with opportunities to have their voices heard.

In the coming months, Scouting Ireland will develop processes and initiatives to support your participation in new developments.

In the meantime, if you and your group are interested in measuring the impact of scouting you can find out more about the project and measurement tools here: Toolkit - Measuring Impact of Youth Organisations

If you would like to request a free service from WOSM, you can find out more here: Social impact | Treehouse - World Scouting Members Community


Download the Report

Click here to download the WOSM report of the project


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