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Scouts all around Ireland and the world, are committed to making a difference in their communities for people, peace and the planet. By completing a Better World community project, you can develop skills for life and have a positive impact by promoting peace, challenging inequality, or protecting nature.

Youth members in Scouting Ireland can use this space to explore how Scouts in Ireland have developed their leadership skills and made a difference as active global citizens!


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Jill Pitcher Farrell

Jill Pitcher Farrell talks to us about Kayaking and promoting women getting involved nationally and...

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If you are starting a project or have completed a project to make a difference in your community, we’d love to hear from you!

What is aBetter World project?

A Better World Project is when Scouts:


Identify a problem or area for improvement related to people, inequality, or nature.


Apply their innovation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to make a difference.


Reflect on the connections of the problem with the wider world and understand how Scouting values can support positive change.

Examples ofBetter World projects:

Using the Sustainable Development Goals to guide inspiration your project could:

Re-plant Native forests.

Run a community clean-up day.

Support refugee integration into your community.

Collaborate with local social or environmental initiatives.

· Meetings, trainings, or camps that focus on scouting skills or earning badges, but aren’t based on community projects probably aren’t Better World projects. Planning your regular programme can take lots of forms, so you should see if you can involve community actions in your next activity.

· Attendance at a Jamboree, JOTA-JOTI or Conferences. Large events are great for inspiring change but may not always involve community action

· Projects that don’t make a connection with the wider community outside of scouting.

Please visit the FAQ page or contact us for more information.

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