A little while ago, the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the United Nations (UN) teamed up to create this programme, the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) forming a core aspect of the badges. This partnership has evolved into a continued support for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Each National Scout Association (NSO) was presented with WOSM’s guidelines for the badges but were given the freedom to create their own specific criteria for them.

What is Better World all about? 

Simply using the scout method as active global citizens to scout towards a better world to:

  • support our local community through action projects
  • scout with positive environmental actions
  • support global campaigns.

Thousands of Scouts worldwide are already celebrating the success of their explore-reflect-action journeys (similar to Scouting Ireland’s plan-do-review process) at scout.org! Although age requirements for the awards vary, they are open to both Scouts and non-Scouts and compliment the Chief Scout Award (CSA), Gaisce and special interest badge programmes

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