Dialogue and Communications Skills

From the day that we are born we are seeking to communicate with others. Eye contact and body gestures are perhaps some of the first indicators of our efforts to communicate effectively. Our first words, after a period of garbled sounds and nearly right sounding words is probably the word Ma Ma or Da Da.

Soon afterwards we discover the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ words and perhaps a ‘that’ word accompanied by a hand pointing gesture. Our emotional are displayed in a number of ways happy laughing and giggling and various types of crying…a whimper, a ‘I am tired’ cry and of course the ‘I want my own way cry and maybe a tantrum.

And so begins our journey to becoming a walking, talking communicating human being. This short course will bring you on a journey of discover of things you all ready know. That sounds strange because we will examine the many ways we communicate and try to provide you will key pointers to improve your communication skills and interactions with people.

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